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frequently asked questions

These FAQs should cover numerous facts about our company. If you have further questions, please contact us.

General questions
Nothing. The initial consultation is free. If we feel we can help you, we can discuss future fees for additional work.
Our corporate manager is Gary R. Boucher, D.Eng., a former professor at Louisiana State University Shreveport where he worked for 29 yeasr, retiring at a full professor in the Department of Chemistry-Physics. Check out our site map for additional information on Dr. Boucher.
Both, but usually we prefer to charge by the project only after the parameters of the work are well defined.
Initial contact can be by phone or email, but our first consultation should be via phone. Please make an appointment first, as the initial consultation may take from 10 to 45 minutes.
Our staff has dealt with many projects that will never make production. This is common, and we will be honest in our assessment, but we can give a direction for future considerations if your ideas show any merit.
That is flexible in that intellectual property as far as invention goes belongs to the inventor who came up with the novel idea or approach. In consultation, the IP ownership can and should be negociated before extensive development is undertaken.
Yes, but not before the initial consultation. We want to keep contracts straightforward and not burdened down with unnecessary jargon.
Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of time lost in the past where meaningful work is begun and for one or more reasons the client goes in another direction unrelated to what is bein accomplished. For that reason, no work will be performed without some negociable level of prior payment. This is a company rule.
Actually, the company is relately new, but the manager and primary owner, Dr. Gary R. Boucher, D.Eng. has extensive experience in several frields that make a very good combination of talents. That experience spans more decades than Dr. Boucher would want to admit.
We have extensive connections to other talents that we can call on and draw from. Those outside sources can be incorporated into the contract between us.
We try to work closely with our clients at every stage of a project's development. It is possible to craft a contract with us that covers only what we have performed to date if you decide you are not satisfied. However, no refunds on work completed or components ordered/used will be given.