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Drug Compliance System

Hardware System to Aid in Despencing Medication

Photos of Compliance Hardware

An aging population often requires checks and balances on medications taken. This patented concept using medication weighing to check compliance. Lockouts and safeguards are also in effect to assure the correct drugs are taken at the correct times by the patient. A full working model was developed at LSUS by Dr. Gary R. Boucher.


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In 2008 LSUS was approached by the director of the Feist Weiller Cancer Center, Jonathan Glass. This is a division of the LSU Health Science Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. They wanted solutions to two problems encountered in treating patients at the Center. Dr. Glass and Dr. Gary Boucher worked to invent this system used to monitor and control medication despensing in a home environment. With this system, some patients may see extended years while monitored at home prior to being admitted to a location where more supervised care can be given. In 2009 the patent was filed listing both Boucher and Glass as inventors.

Currently, no company has taken up royalties though the LSU System to use the technology, but we are hopeful that it will meet the need intended.