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Our Company Manager

My degrees are in engineering and engineering-related fields. I have known many people who have gone into engineering with little or no love for the field, just a desire to have a good paying job, or perhaps the area was recommended highly. I have known engineering graduates who had no true love for the profession. To me engineering is something that comes from inside a person, not some study that just teaches a series of rules and procedures. .


From the time of my earliest childhood, I have been facinated with science and engineering. Having spent almost 29 years teaching physics at Louisiana State University Shreveport, I have come to know and understand how united and, at other times divided, the fields of science and engineering can be. Many who I worked with wanted nothing to do with taking their scientific knowledge and applying it. Virtually all I wanted to do was to apply what I know to solving problems. That is what I do, and I am very glad I chose the engineering route.

On July 1st of 2015, I retired from LSUS where I had worked since the fall of 1987. My primary job during those years was to teach what we now call Applied Physics along with general physics. I was primarily responsible for a series of courses that ranged from basic electrical principles to more advanced courses such as instrumentation and microprocessors. Most of my more advanced courses required the students to build a project. Basically they were to construct a prototype. Some of the time the prototype was just electronic, but many times these designes had a mechanical element. One of the favorite things to work with were our lab robots.

Over the years, I taught many students about electronics and some mechanical studies. Through grants we have a nearly complete machine shop, and even welding facility, just for prototype development. After retirement, my goal was to aquire the same, or better, level of facilities and equipment, so that I can carry out my work. In the last year, I have constructed two of the three facilities I desire for my work, those being an electronics lab and machine shop. Welding facilities will be forthcoming. With these assets, I will be able to do a wide range of work in my chosen field.

In 2016, I formed GR Boucher Labs, LLC to pull these assets and also the talent of others together to build a company capable of being a one-source location for design and construction. At GR Boucher Labs, LLC we do much of the initial proof-of-concept work necessary with ideas that hopefully will pay off financially.

I have said much about our company philosophy, and what we can do for our customers. Not every project is a good match for our expertise. We do very little RF work, voice communications, microwave applications, or networking. If we are not a good match, we can possibly direct you to some group that is better. Through the years I have directed many to other outlets for help, and am not reluctant to do so. We hope that we are a good match for each other, and lets get some work done!

Gary R. Boucher D.Eng. - Manager